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Founder's Message

harry.pngMy name is Harry Watson, the owner and President of Precious Waters, Inc. I founded this company because the 10ppm Silver Hydrosol solution that we sell was a core part of the therapy that saved my life and I want to make sure others have the same opportunity to live a healthy and productive life beyond what others might predict (read more here). 

These silver nanometer size particles suspended in a solution of pure water were able to pass freely into my cells assisting my immune system and destroying the viruses, bacteria and/or fungal invaders that I believe were fostering my cancer. I am not a doctor and so my description of what happened to put my disease in remission is cryptic and no doubt inelegant to many but my research has revealed that there is growing number of medical professionals who believe that viruses or fungus elements are at the root of or associated with some cancers and many other afflictions. In late 2007 my focus was on ridding my body of the deadly cancer I had and getting my immune system back to fighting strength after the ravages of chemotherapy.  Once I started taking the silver solution I noticed immediate results and this spurred my research on. The ability of silver to kill viruses, bacteria, etc. and assist in healing has been known for centuries but to a certain extent it has gotten lost in the fog of medical modernity and broadly tarnished by homemade manufacturing devices and hucksters more interested in sales than quality. Frankly, I am dismayed at the amount of misinformation and extremism of some opinions that circulate regarding silver and nano-technology on the web and elsewhere, much of which does not match my own experience and observations. Today, nano-scale technology brings us silver in a form that optimizes its properties against these disease causing invaders while at the same time eliminating the past problems caused by silver salts, crude colloidal solutions, and large silver particles that the body has a hard time excreting. Since putting my cancer in remission I have continued to take this micronized silver as part of a maintenance program and shared it with family and friends, many of whom have had similar dramatic results… from accelerating the healing of wounds and burns to eliminating MRSA and Candida. The pledge I have made is to make available to as many as possible the repair and supportive powers of silver of the highest quality at the best price allowable.